Update March 31, 2023: The WE suspects that the children at the Covenant School too think that allowing themselves the pleasures of the paramilitary ways that the Georgia College of the American ways to return to the College of the Americas where the children schooled in the paramilitary training that wins too the ways to thought controlling too the populace that isn't the way to having the real big ways repeated that killing Iraqi kids was unwell. And killing American kids too wins that.

Identify too the occultism used to justify too "locking down" the kids to the closets repeatedly asked to be room numbers showing off that the numbers used to justify too the times 10 of the Others on the Other Side mirroring the need to comforting too the children's ways to the knowing that kids allowed the paramilitary used to justify too the cops allowing too the scapegoating of the used for the reaction that the transgendering of the woman to the man to the shooter to the not well emotionally to the way to hiring too the shooters to pose as too the pictures show off that the kids used to justify too shooting the specific kids and teachers/administrators to justify too the incursions to the 666 and 999 and two 1s that mean too the entire affair that kids at Christian schools are targeted too thinks that allowing the Churchianity to want to ban guns thinks that justifying too the allowed again and again to repeat too the messages that the young people too strung out now on television to repeal the concepts that the paramilitary training that color revolutions too the WE's ways to the knowledge: Audrey Hale isn't the only reason the WE wants to write this afternoon: Aiden Hale too wants to write: I wasn't the ways and means to the ending my life, I was used to justify too the Instagram account wasn't even active until the day of the shootings: and that incriminates the CIA that too took to watching me learn that working for Instagram wanting my credentials was: and they are there to remember that wanting to harm a working woman's world uses too lyrics on radios to remember that Californication ain't that much fun when the guns and lyrics take too the tumbling to the wanting to reiterate to Johns Hopkins: lies lose!

Update 14 January, 2023: Anderson Aldrich isn't the shooter but the police that allow the innocent to be prosecuted know that the paramilitaries that sex-up too the night to the knowing that allowing the innocent to perish to pay the bills are the same men that allow the allowing to allow to the world that killing the kids with the syringes too ends these attacks when the whole show then makes the CBDC too the way to not pay the bills to the cash to the transactions to sex-up the need to showing off that the dollars that make the paramilitary men too the only men that want to kiss the mommy of their kids when returning to kill others' kids takes the banking world to the CBDC to show off that cash to the killers is the way to sell to the world the police too turn in the innocent man to take the fall again to think that the Idaho murders of the kids that student to the coke too there to return to the police too informants knows that selling cocaine on the side too warrants the arrests of the parents.

The man called Bryan Kohberger is innocent entirely but the police chose that one to sex-up the show to the knowing that all cancers that kill kids too think that the denial of the innocent to the prosecution's witnesses will be too the paid type. And the man that isn't guilty of anything but wanting to help the police solve the criminal activity is the police forces that allow the moonlighting to be there. Keep the faith y'all that the innocent will not be the only ones that end on the throne of the going to jail for the crimes that mean the better police might just be there to renew the contracts to thinking that a better world happens when justice isn't just for the criminals to get the just made the grade to the worst type of humans alive, those that permit the kids to suffer to pay the bills today.

Update October 12, 2022: Alex Jones isn't involved in the Sandy Hook cover-up. But the family that sued him is. And they are the hired to be there beings that lie. And they are the imbeciles that think that allowing other school shootings to follow is the result!

The beings executed at the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas were not killed by accident or by the staged being allowed the fall by incriminating the usual subject, the nearly grown young, angry man that buys firearms but should be not allowed, to take the 2nd amendment to the gone. And the paramilitaries that allowed the shooting to kill the children are fired to the showering that they are indicted as warriors to themselves!

Alex isn't guilty of anything! Let him be supported by the law enforcement officers that too understand buying and selling product isn't a crime. And the lies are there to show that Alex isn't guilty but the men of power are. And that wins why Christ is Here Now, to show off that the Uvalde shooting happens because propaganda is sexy to the men and women that lie too, and that is the way to hearing: love God with all your heart, soul and being and love the innocent victims, like Alex Jones.

Every police officer that allows the miscarriage of justice is culpable for the shootings of kindly people and the allowing the incarceration of the innocent!

Helping Alex Jones is essential! This is highway robbery of the highest order as the lies are repeated again and again to begin to hear: the truth then is the lie, to the detriment of ALL!

All the people that follow the mean spirited mean mean and meaner news articles that say, "I am an idiot that never questions the all mighty dollar's role in this" are there to require the helping hand: Kanye is right, the Gap knew ahead of time that Kanye would be targeted too. So understand that the men and women of this nation that make the stands to the better America are targeted. And the Jewish nationals that think the "chosen few" survive are so stupid to make the whole show hear: the Prophet Isaiah is there to offer Robert David Steele the emblem of asshole to the max!

The same men shot the children.