"Ultimately, as Margaret A. Burnham says in her forthcoming book, By Hands Now Known: Jim Crow’s Legal Executioners, the collective call for a system of reparations must go beyond efforts toward individual healing. It must also engage wide-ranging social transformation and expose the historical underpinnings of racial violence in this country." - Landmark California Task Force Calls for “Comprehensive Reparations” for Slavery

WE want to write about the allowing the reparations being the way to stew to the violence that was the reality that will be that too when the Others of the Other Side are there to walk to the news: Katherine's family too were enslaved in the world of the Virginia wilderness before the ending by the paper called emancipation.

WE are there to watch too the world envolve to the better humans meaning too the many, many, and I mean many American Indian beings were bred together without the discretion to the Irish too to begin to hear: the whiteness of slavery wins more than the African!

WE are there to watch too the Henry Louis Gates, Jr. want to watch the so-called legacy change to another way than white vs. black based solely on the kinky hair and not that alone but too the browned out skinning the bucks that show to the shots that the Indians were too removed too soon to be allowed anything but the reservations hold the remaining few to the compensation to the shots that show to the Archaic manner to aristocracy to the now I want to have the discussion about the right to return to the Cherokee the lands!!!

WE want to reward the angress for the right to reappearing again without the shame to the thought that the reality that the world will judge me to be not that wins.

WE want the world to contemplate the stereotyping that wins the right to reparations based on the color of the skin too. But the genealogy that wins too the back room too there teaches to the whites too that blackness is too the color of the illusion that race too exists as too the color of the blankets on the bed show to the Bethesda that the mentioning the new stereotype to cause the whole town to fight wins the vaccine status!

WE want to remember to the audiences that try to think out loud that the way to removing Dr. King's words is to remember to the reperations wanting beings that the color of the skin judges to the racism alone. The content of the character leads exclusively to the American Indians' ways to the Red Road need to repair the world for the future of the world depends on that!