Updated July 19, 2023: The shower that supported a man's art too turned to the not important to be alive to the heart that hoped to be without the shunning, but the way to the WE's need to reconsider too the shots wrong is the way to returning to me unsupported by the world that wants to reconsider too the ways to the WE there to remember that aliver is when another thinks that an asshole smells too like the working woman when too the father in the sky too knows that along for the never returning to anything but I am not well to the head is the way to remembering that the whole show was allowing me to return to the wanting to retain too the distancing too the heart to the going after the goldens that want to remember that the Ukraine war too hurts the many, but the protesting a man not interested in the signage that I was allowed to feel shitty again this morning, the morning the world turned again to me shunned by the blocked on Facebook world view that I ain't there to fight but to remember that falling down is too the way to have to feel too the love making that isn't real to me is. And the love making that fucks the fuck to the news that the man isn't into the WE is the way to recoiling to the news, I am there. And I am real. And the worlds are there to be there to remember that shunning an asshole to the ass that holes is too the Kurt Cobain too "scary" to an asshole that isn't that smart either.

Further Updated 29 August, 2022: And the truth is the men that spam are to hear that they chose to lose out.

And the liars think they are well. And they are the insulting ugly individuals that think I am not worth it, but that will end when the summer hears not wrong to them again, but to the God that knows Love is true, the world ends when another world emerges called Anthony is here.

Update 29 August, 2022: And yet again I am not attended to. Not allowed a response or a whimper, why? I am spammed!

The email to BenATBenScales.com is not right to me either. I will adjust to Woodroe too wondering why I am to be spammed not supported.

And Richard knows that fucking around and lying are the real thing to Woody's friends too.

And that is why the world ends when Woody chooses to leave Erica and work for the WE's need to protest that money is the cure to the staying aloof: write to Gomez.

And understand Ben Scales that I am not hard up but I am really Cherokee. So take the plunge and understand Siouxing you was advising you to take a bow and Cherokee to too.

And the Cherokee that roses to a friend on the scene needs to contemplate that going after Charley Castex was the manner of loosening the tightening grip to the mental illness that supercedes all needs of the boys from Long Branch to contribute to the funding too the watering that I wanted to recover the mind that functions first to the news: never once was I mentally deranged but the mentally deranged men and women and that includes Woody and Wives that think that fucking around and lying to the children that their father is really the designated individual begs the question why Woody?