I wrote to the NZ Skeptics world to accept the challenge. No can do on their part. They blocked me from their Facebook arena and won't allow me to submit through their contact form.

I want the NZ Skeptics to hear that allowing themselves the right to refuse me as the challenger is not a way to disapprove of me either!

Kelvin Cruickshank isn't there. I am.

I want the NZ Skeptics to be alerted to the "fact" that I am there to work! I want to challenge you to allow the challenge to be there to realize to you all that allowing only yourselves and your "opinions" to be there allows only your own bullshit to seethe.

The people whom the WE think have to be freer are the so-called "humanists" too.

I want the world to try to capture to their minds a way of finding out that excluding people from discussions because the information isn't savory to the taste of the way to proving you are right shows that Nazis rule the roost where Facebook "guidelines" intersect with government surveillance and too the lies are the lies that surface when the liars are the so-called "skeptics" too!

I want the NZ Skeptics to hear that allowing the rebuttal to be me there to return again and again as the working for the world type of psychic medium, meaning I am not paid. I am not paid. I am not paid!

Science thinks that the subject is my exact specialty, even Vedic Science is scientific when the scientific method is revised to reflect 20th century science too. Meaning the way to rebut too the ways of the WE is to use the positivists' creed to abject to this: I am writing to reflect that the only way to entirely live without the WE is to be nothingness.

Amit Goswami isn't a man that isn't scientific, but too the Vedic philosophies that are too real and too science are there to reaffirm that his work is the masterful work that he thinks the WE too are the Elohim and too the Mahat!

The WE thinks that allowing the toasts to be the Skeptics learning that life is real, that God isn't a mythos and that the Elohim are too THE WE and too the ALL ONE and too the only way to God The Father-Mother/Mother-Father that wins too the duality not there shows that staying alive is allowing the center to penetrate the central Sushumna channel to win too the fathering the reality that I am there to reach out to the Yoga-Is-Really-Real folks that too think that this isn't about asana training, to be subjected to exercise too there to remember that I am there to recover the dignity that along for the writing is too the channel that writes to the writing that the writing too is too the Words that God was there!

I want all Sean Stone's to be there too. I want Sean and Oliver to be there to support me when the time comes to be rejected by the stiffies that too won't be there, the men asked so far.