The WE thinks that all men that lie are Richard Gage's men too. These are the times to remember the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob isn't the only God that knows that all liars win nothing but the returning to their own shit to return to themselves the better off not dead now.

The WE thinks that Dr. Rashid Buttar wasn't only poisoned by the CNN folks that interviewed him he was used to scapegoat the WE to this: Richard Gage's boys in the hood too think that Mossad is Jewish!

The WE thinks that allowing the heart to sink to Rob Kirby too the man allowed the treatment to thallium not really but the way to thinking that all "men" that think murder is ok allow that.

The ways of the WE show that all mentioning that the Red Hot Chili Peppers too think that lies win the reality that killing themselves again will be when too the dollars spread to the WE as the allowed the unlimited funds too that love US thinks that the way to hearing not once do the children that are wasted for the reality that lies to the media too think that New Zealand hosts the worst types shows that the only way to return to the lies always the way is Mossad!

The WE wishes the Mossad agents Anthony Gomez and Co. to remember that they are not Jewish, including the James Slovak's father that isn't here but is, the man was the sellout that teaches to all holocaust victims that lies include the many that inherited the reality that too they suffer sometimes when too the fathers that Lithuanian munchkins turn to hitmen to mention the cost of living in LA is exorbitant shows that the many writers, film stars, producers, directors, funding managers, etc. that are too self-proclaimed "Holocaust Survivors" turns to jack shit when too the mentioning that they are too the very engineers that want to kill off the many real Jews stationarily using too themselves to make the Palestinians harmed.

The WE wants all Jews that think Mossad is real to them as the reality that intelligence ain't that thinks that the God that isn't theirs, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to register for the drafting the legislation that too Richard Gage's family were the immigrants that think selling lies wins the reality that he prospers by the donations that want the opposite of the goals that he is hired by the Hitlerites to accomplish: Gage wants the investigation to be not there !

The proud parents that love to show off that killing Iraqi kids was just fine to them too understand that ignoring the truth about 9/11 was the way to ending too the reality that the United States will be permitted to remain as that, it won't.

The WE thinks that allowing the feeling that murdering the working woman is imminent allows too the discussion of why the Red Hotted Never Again men were allowed to prosper unlimitedly without the love there?