Update June 18, 2024: Happy Birthday Paul McCartney! Please ask the lawyer called Ben Scales to help me get my cat Coco home. Thanks. And your wife called Linda is there to reference to you that she is available to speak. Cheers!

Update 15 June, 2024: The WE knows that the so-called nukes that are so often repetitively allowed the fear fact-ors to porn to the magicians that call themselves Jews shows that the Jewish world isn't sacred to anybody that considers God real.

The woman called my grandmother was born to be their lackey. Her mother was bought by the Hammerstein groups to make the Opry there in Nashville and to show to the world that the not half Jewish woman, the woman fathered by the Rothschild's own spawn, but the described repeatedly to her as the goy that isn't worth anything too fathers this freedom to speak about the family as the Jewels that Jewish to the Jews that want to return to wanting to remember that the working woman's world too was abused both by the world where the so-called "Jews" are respected and too by the world where they are the "abused beings" not the people that are actually, really abused.

The real majestry that writes to the world as the world where the Jews actually are that, the beings that love God and read the Torah and respect God's laws, they are amalgamated with the Rothschildren to be the men and women with the choice to see "antisemtism" everywhere or...

The world will know that the actor called Roman Polanski was there when Sharon's body wasn't discovered "at home" at the Cielo mansion where the millionaires now rent the home to women and men that love to return to the 666 themes.

How pregnant was Sharon in that 1969 interview? And when was the baby not born? The anniversary of the healing now that the Hiroshima bombing was then and the Nagasaki bombing was then and the way to remembering the themes will be Hugh Hefner too allowed to recover the December was the interview taped not but February means the liquor drinks were too. And the cigarette and the love making that means that Geronimo knows that superficial needs to recover Tate sisters hearing that on-the-take was her middle name means that keeping the faith that the dollars to remembering that lies are that penetrable means what? Hugh Hefner too whacked? Go Playboy panted beings!!!