Update November 12, 2023: The WE wants the thought that the very same members of the world that want the humans to suffer are the, think that, are the wealthiest monetarily, that is.

The world won't sustain long under the current decisions to return to the enhanced methods that mean that keeping the heated world hot means that woods turn to refugee camps when the water that thinks that murdering the Pakistanis too will be there when the Hindus think that nuclear weapons are going to be blamed for the fires that really happen.

You are to learn to love again humans, after rebirth. Now the men and women of the usury clubs, and the aristocrats that believe they are secret and ancient bloodlined think that Benjamin Fulford's world too enhances the scenesters to understanding that murder doesn't just not matter.

The way to shoot the world up with the publicity that the mentally ill commit mass murder today thinks that medication won't help the world when the very beings that Uvalde'd to the kids dead then shot the kids at the bowling alley this time, meaning the paramilitaries that sort through the drama that "shelter in place" was the rewarding accompaniment to the need to receive the scripting that the dollars are serviced to the beings that serve the parishioners the money that tithes you to the CIA and Mossad and MI$ that numbers the ways to the 9th that wants the world to hear that the world wants the terrorists to stop terrorizing. Period!

You are to learn cops that you are complicit when the fingering the innocent is your erasing the world to another way than Payton Gendron and the recent "terroristic" realizing the FBI indicted again, as the innocent end the suffering that the whole way to judge the law enforcement omnipotent wins this: mystical unions with the WE return to the wasted world where the WE wants to talk to the judges that say that returning to the Sandy Hook massacre, that was not the massacre but the staged event that told mothers to be afraid for the kids, that was the wasted way to recovering the splitting the ending to the truthing that 9/11 wasn't the only truth that wasn't returned to the world as that, but the insistence that the them that you are to realize they are, that thinks that the colleges too turn to the massacres this season, the covid-19 shots mandated are to return again.