And the truth that the Sheriffs that know that are there to return to the suicide prevention sales to the medical need to show off that the "suicidal" are there to be "mentally ill", that is the way to showing that mental illness is selling to the public the lies packaged as mental illnesses that are there to remember that being well to the mentioning that mental illness isn't illin' in the neighborhoods but the way to selling to the public the lies.

The men and women that are there to be cops are too there to remember that the oath to serve and protect isn't real to them anymore than the Hippocratic oath means jack shit to the doctors still serving the covid-19 shots.

Sheriff Robert Luna isn't aware that the men that did the dirty work are real to the WE, but the man lies constantly. So the truth that the lie is the truth when the press release is written to the stories are told to the public to, feel that y'all, to deflect the attention from them! Period.

The WE thinks that cops in Fort Lauderdale too lie when the money machine bribes them to have to shoot the messenger again and teach to the heated being typing that feeling the love in the heart thinks that leaving the need to another world beginning too, that the olden times that were too the Ancestors that are not permitted to the shoals that say to Real Big Men that the whole time the LASD thinks that murder is suicide and packaging "mental illness" as the way to show off that selling to the kids emotional difficulties mean wronging the world potentially, that inverts the truth that the best therapies are those that return to the emotional world is so squirrely whirly that the only truth that remains in the heart is scared!

(The WE advises that only one officer death quoted above is a suicide, 2022. The remainder of the deaths are murder.)

The WE wants the cops that lie about suicide to sell mental illnesses and counseling services that are not helpful but the way to mentioning that all "mentally ill" cognitive behaviorists that think thinning the mental-illnesses-are-real-folks to never again employed as industry funded proletariats mentioning that the standardized proletariat is the only "sane" individual nowadays!

Cognitive behavioral therapy isn't easy to say thinks that the way to returning to the wasted world is the way to line the pockets that teach too the therapists to show to the cops who they can select as the scapegoats that take the fall for the murders not arranged to the suicide designation!