And the Financial Times, the wholesale world where the money changers write about themselves uses the language to bypass the truth that the lies are the entire piece.

The world is about to be blamed for the needs that say to the American Christians and the Zionists that believe the Bible speaks of the Nation of Israel as the world where the states that too want to regard the 10th amendment the way to staying aliver, that world finds that the is the way to standing about to make the changes that the money changers are to end.

The Rothschild's that support the world through the central banking cartels know that controlling the fiat to mentioning that the millionaires that want to support ending them are many, and truly their are billionaires that too want to participate, but the women and men that prosper from showing that the funding is there to recharge the children to hearing that the karmic burdens to refuse to love another based on the lies of the oligarchs that sell newspapers and mockingbird medias that say to the world that "AI" too is suddenly that important, just after the baby called Benji Fulford placed the story to the kids that want to remember that he is the fictionist mainly, that world purports to hear that the MJ12 and Gnostic Illuminati too want to regard themselves hogwashed.

The world where the animals are to return again is the one that submits now to the war machine. The individuals that believe that the war for the lands of the Gazans is because they are baaaaaaad, are the very humans that will be attacked. The terrorism that is allowed to thrive there is coming to the United States, thanks to the world where the liars are allowed to be there while the truth tellers are not.

The WE knows that Atlanta, Georgia is the home to the man called Martin Luther King, Jr. And the world where that man's ways are turned to "racist" is the world that is the way to the funded-by-the-oligarchs-that-hire-their-kids to be the "better humans" while really supporting the opposite, the real truth is obscured beneath the bullshit that stirs "the enemies" to be allowed to be the way to thinking about the entire world.

The WE want all those that condemn another based on the status that being with the warmongers is the only way to be "safe" since the many thoughts say to the people that the "enemy" is everywhere, that is the way to the intelligence operations working to redeem to all the way to stir the fighting.

The way to thinking that keeping up with the Meows allows Dr. Ganser to be allowed to be renewed as a man not the sellout turns to the opposite when the dollars are there in Geneva to show that he too wants to remember the White Mountains are there. And the world where the television predicts the future because the scripting artists take the direction there from their overseers the Rothschild's that fund and fund and renew never, they too understand that being born again as a newer type of human happens. And the big kid called "I'm dead now as Jacob Rothschild" thinks that being born again as a peasant won't be so bad.