24" x 30". Oil on Canvas. 2013.

Lorelei Restaurant & Cabana Bar in Islamorada Florida Keys.

I drew many sketches of the patio at the Lorelei then compiled the sketches together at home to form the scene in the painting.

Notice how many patrons in the painting are looking at their "smart" phones.

24" x 30". Oil on Canvas. 2013.

The remains of my Uncle Earl Lee's orchid house in Homestead Florida. Painted entirely en plein air.

Earl Lee

36" x 36" Oil on Canvas. 2009.

Painted from life. Richard had to hold a smile for a long time which wasn't easy to do. But sure made for a nicer painting to feature him happy.

18" x 24". Oil on Canvas. 2005.

Richard sat for this portrait, modeling for a class at AB Tech.

12" x 21". Oil on Canvas. 2009.

Looking down Patton Avenue from Vance Monument. Asheville, NC.