Update October 31, 2022: All the children that believe that the family was associated with the North Carolina Wilson family are incorrect. In fact the very genealogists that bought too the Henry David Thoreau was the author of loving the WE are there to receive the accolates that this is the time to remember that allowing the flow is allowing the disquieting feeling that the others on the field of life judge instead of hearing that the words of the Other Side are real. I am thinking out loud that listening to the heart function instead of dying off again is hearing that the children asked to choose between Indian and white chose the white world to function first, then the Ancestors to live.

Bill Edwards' mother isn't just Cherokee by fathering but by the mother's line too that too is this one. And that wins Lorace the sistering type to the working woman and Bill Edwards, the country bumpkin that isn't from South Carolina but from St. Simons is the lighthouse that all women that Edisto to the Islands to the knowing that Kenny Chesnee's family too were Native American partly!

At the end of the hour the show is this: Jimmy Morrison wanted to show off that he isn't the spawn of the mother that "raised" him either. Clarke County Georgia isn't the home to my father's family but to the family that Futches to the way to hearing that I wasn't investing the land that was my family land, my brother took over and told me to eat shit. And I die off every moment that I find out that the land isn't sold yet. I want to relive the trauma that cows took the land of the William Brannen, Sr. to nothingness by the usury ways that Francis Kennedy, the man that founded Statesboro, thought was the real way to harvest the rights: rape a woman, make the blue eyed babies that are too his spawn and then allow them the privileges to be selected to stir to removing the Indians, then permitted to be blond by birth too!

All the authors of the resume to the Brannen family legacy are incorrect that William Brannen was allowed to thrive on the plains of the watered by the Savannah River Site world view that all children that sold the land to the investors sold to the Kennedy's the Joseph's way: steal the land of the Indians, enslave the children to the ways of slavery built by the way to enslave too the Africans to the way to enslave the whitest of all white women to servitude to all things ugly.

I want to remind all women that think that lies are truths when the bested beings are not permitted a life teaches to all genealogists that papers don't lie, right?

The way to Nazi up Anthony Kiedis to not a Cherokee thinks that Hollywood isn't into the truth. Hollywood is the domain of Nazi sympathizers that use their way to Anti-Semite everything unfavorable to them to the shun of mentioning that all women that fail to hear that the conquistadors that want to return to Atlanta to realize that all flights to Amsterdam were not on the doling to Dolenz Mickey too there to remember that all Davey Jones fans will hear that he was murdered by medicine men that take the bribes to administer the fatal allowances that killing the pride of a man is allowing the doting wife to bail too on the wifely duties to serve the coffers to I-me-mine instead of allowing the heart to hear that all selfish beings are that by design.

The WE realizes this isn't real to others who don't know that I am there to realize to hearted women that all hearts that hear I need support hear: not that but the Indians driven to the outer ways were driven to coax out of themselves the English manners to mine not yours being the foundation of everything, even the theft that steals another to nothingness while the reality that the nothingness of the art that is the WE's allows all Allied Irish Aliens to ally to the alchemy that the land that is spoiled by the nuclear water too thinks the kids that Savannah River to the ending of the world view that St. Patrick's Day isn't just a holiday earns the bread that the Irish of one ilk turned the Irish of another wayside to nothingness to allow too bootlegging to return to the Irishness that rapes the coffers to another way: Bono and Ali parade themselves as royalty to Irish up the way to hearing that Bono's very Vox isn't very loud now that he is the "father" figure to women that know more than Atlanta isn't alive yet, but MLK Jr's legacy too prides the man to think that he has been asked repeatedly to think about another than his. That is the way to supersede to the One company knowing that the East India Reserves to the Federal Reserved Noting that all children simultaneously asked to leave the land by gun point were the fathers and mothers to the clan of Brannen's that are the ones descending to this: not all Brannen's were descended from the man called "I was shipped away from Ireland as the prize cow is shipped to the Australian lands" to milk the mothers to more babies of human variety to stir to the news: Eliza Jane Wilson ain't Katherine's grandma, nor was she the grandma to the other Brannen kin that think they are the genealogists that get the accolades, as Christ Jesus would never make their kin Indians, since Indians are vile, Vicenza too there is to take to the mentioning that raw meat isn't healthy.

All the way home is the genealogy wasn't easier then but the paperwork wasn't there. And the standard of genealogists to insist the Other Side knows that children asked to remember that Indianisms were not permitted to the showing off until the post AIM founding time, find out that Russell Means allows the clarity now. I am there to redeem to the credit of the family the news that considering that the father figure called William Brannen knew that all women that are to be resoundingly clearer when he returns to the Atlanta regions to recover the Indian Mountain that is The Stone Mountain Park area to Lithonia is the home to the male counterpart that wants to recover the only way out: I ain't dead yet, I am William Brannen's father figure, not at all Solomon Gross, but the man that was there isn't even remotely related to Gross at all! And that wins the realization that the sticking to the guns that the Gross is the father figure turns to another way than I am too aloner now: knowing that I am here to allow all women to surface to wanting to recover Solomon Gross to the shower is this: he wasn't there to love the Cherokee to the thought, his cousin Thomas Alexander Brannen hated Indians! I want that spelled out: the family that prides the genealogy that is the Indian suffering is in error to worry about are the very beings that know that the nicest of all humans were the Lenni-Lenape that were brutalized by the same members of the clan that took the lands from Brannen and his friends: the very beings that turned to the master-servant way to Peabody to the big whigs' tables: the Fitzgerald's and the John Like OMG Fitzgerald Kennedy's ancestors that Joseph thought would be the kings of the country until the back stabbing was the Fitzgerald's manner to Desmond to the OSS to the CIA to the George Herbert Walker Bush's family values that IG Farben too is the great investment to take over Poland too!

The JFK that was shot at in the Zapruder film died on the road to Armageddon that wants all children to fill the heat that Fitzgerald Kennedy's father wasn't Joseph's ally but was the feelings that feel that all Amsterdam women know getting to the Amsterdam Hilton gets to the remedy for Khrushchev and Kennedy: the films that are there in the mansions of the elite to show off that sacrificing John F. Kennedy to the devil in the ritual that still abides by RFK knowing that his father's family was involved in espionage to be sold down the river to the Peabody legacy that sells all Irish to servitude through slaughtering all covid-19 mythos to the choice: Aidan leaves Caitlin or Irishness ends!

And the getting of the goalposts asks all children that Aidan to fy this: Science isn't fiction unless the propagandists are the writers, and the propaganda that says kill the Iraqis says to killing the Ulster renewal to Irish that Bobby Sands knows that concerts too take men to hights that Hillel to the way to knowing that Aotearoa isn't just the place where Gemma lives, the "psychic medium" on Facebook that runs the Team KC showers, but the home where I went to stay alive when I was sickened by the Cherokee removal to the being too scared to remember how to eat even: the way to visioning for the next world that isn't gone but isn't alive yet.

All that is real is the all that is. And all that is that is the Cherokee were brutalized by the very infantry tactics that employ the big kids from Europe to the house that wasn't there when the summer was renewed to renewing: the longest of all houses is the return to the native attire too wanted. And that wasn't resulting in Kennedy there but in African American men hearing that the foundation of the African slave to the max is the American Indian, first but too the Irish sold on the auction block to be worked to the bone for the contract while the more expensive and not despised to the contract ending period were less brutalized. So back off Jamestown bullshit series that isn't PBS' alone but is. And that renders P in PBS not the Propaganda but the Purpose to end the Propadandruf that is Jerry Garcia's father's need to be fed more too! Yep. Pops, I needed sunshine, but the dollars are there for you instead. Sunshine to the daydreams that killing a kid for the charity is too the way to feel the finding out that all children fed the Bean is not well are there to remember that Kurt wasn't a suicide but was the sacrifice that Easter!

John Fitzgerald Kennedy's father wasn't just Joseph the bootlegger but the man that bought the news that getting invited to the big galas with the expensive wine and the Moët & Chandon was the way to hire another world to insist that the Catholic Kennedy's find out that being sold down the river by the Fitzgerald's bought by the Peabody's Irishness up the situation that the Peabody legacy that isn't that getting to the point, the Caitlin that isn't exactly the final solution but the product that all Peabody bitches like to Irish up the night to buy the "husband" to silence the lambing to knowing that all devil worshippers find out that Peabody's are not always Fitzgerald's. So Irish up the need to hearing that Aidan Turner is the man the Irish elite too allowed to be reproduced to the stage front to pour to the meating that all children feeling the need to be hired to the going to the flooring that Kurt's "wife" Courtney wasn't pregnant already, was she?

In the ending of the shower the water isn't dirty then. And the water that isn't clean is William Brannen, the fathering, that isn't there. And the way to return to showers is the way to inherit the land to sell instead of caring one iota that the sister's body isn't functioning now that the land isn't safe.

Eliza Jane Wilson was born Beaufort, South Carolina Cherokee

Her father was born Nags Head, North Carolina Lenni Lenape, Wolf, Digging

His father was born Dunfanaghy, Donegal, Ireland transported as a servant but took off as soon as he arrived to live freely with the men and women that had left the lands of the Lenni Lenape to be free with the Cherokee people that collected the many fugitives from the criminal justice system of the colonies for refusing to be the servants they were told they must be and instead took their chances as the men and women that became the progenitors of the people that were forced to leave the Swannanoa River Valley when the constitution of the newly formed United States of America said the Cherokee people must leave or be slaughtered, that is right, the ancestors brought Katherine to the exact spot to live, almost, that her ancestors had to abandon to make way for the more important people that held deeds to the land that had just been parceled to reward the revolutionary soldiers that had been the bullies that bit the butt of the men Katherine calls her great grandfathers that had no choice but to get up and leave because the very men that sacrificed with them in the battle fields of the American Revolution are the very men that made them get up and leave the lands they called home.

The men that were the revolutionary War soldiers that had to give up their ancestral lands to live on the lands of the Choctaw to keep the Choctaw from suffering the same fate were the very men that want the revolution this time to be televised so the world will see the way of the White Buffalo Woman is the way to go forward.

His father was born Buncrana, Donegal, Ireland

His father was born Binnion, Donegal, Ireland

His father was born Fredrikstad, Norway

His mother was born Binnion, Donegal, Ireland

Her father was born Fredrikstad, Norway

His father was born Bågen, Sweden

His mother was born Fredrikstad, Norway

Her father was born Göteborg, Sweden

Her mother was born Göteborg, Sweden

Her mother was born Fredrikstad, Norway

Her father was born Seläter, Sweden

Her mother was born Seläter, Sweden

Her father was born Copenhagen, Denmark

His father was born Katthammarsvik, Gotland, Sweden

His mother was born Copenhagen, Denmark

Her mother was born Seläter, Sweden

His mother was born Binnion, Donegal, Ireland

Her father was born Fredrikstad, Norway

His father was born Kristinehamn, Sweden

His mother was born Kristinehamn, Sweden

Her mother was born Fredrikstad, Norway

Her father was born Seläter, Sweden

Her mother was born Seläter, Sweden

Her father was born Seläter, Sweden

Her mother was born Seläter, Sweden

His mother was born Buncrana, Donegal, Ireland

His mother was born Beesleys Point, New Jersey Lenni Lenape, Wolf, Digging

Her father was born Steelmantown, New Jersey Powhatan

His father was born Petersburg, New Jersey Powhatan

His father was born Petersburg, New Jersey Powhatan

His father was born Commercial Township just east of Egg Island Fish and Wildlife Management Area, New Jersey Powhatan

His father was born South of Maurice River, New Jersey Lenni Lenape, Wolf, Pulling up Stream

His father was born Pennsauken Township, New Jersey Powhatan

His mother was born Ocean City, New Jersey Lenni Lenape, Wolf, Pulling up Stream

His mother was born Heislerville Wildlife Management Area, New Jersey Powhatan

His mother was born Commercial Township just east of Egg Island Fish and Wildlife Management Area, New Jersey Powhatan

His mother was born Petersburg, New Jersey Powhatan

Her father was born Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey Lenni Lenape, Turkey, Big Bird

Her mother was born Petersburg, New Jersey Powhatan

His mother was born Petersburg, New Jersey Powhatan

Her father was born White Hall, Maryland

His father was born Edinburgh, Scotland - Sent to the colonies by the very assholes that told him that he was not the kind of person that could survive in the colonies, but that is not all, they told him that if he did not get on the ship to the colonies the very assholes that kept him imprisoned in the Edinburgh jail for being the one that wanted the fucking British out of the country kept the very kinds of prisoners the world was told were being liberated in the American Revolution, the very men that kept him in prison in the Edinburgh jail were the same men that gave him the medal of honor in the American Revolution. He said fuck you to the servant masters that asked him to fuck the only woman that he loved by giving the master the permission to have her at his digression by taking the woman, the woman they had bought at the auction, to the home of the Cherokee people in the Tennessee hills.

His father was born Blackford, Edinburgh, Scotland

His father was born Fredrikstad, Norway

His father was born Göteborg, Sweden

His mother was born Fredrikstad, Norway

His mother was born Edinburgh, Scotland

His mother was born Edinburgh, Scotland - the woman the man above from Edinburgh took to the Cherokee lands to save her from the constant ravaging of the master, the master that thought the right of the slave owner is the right to fuck her anytime he wanted, that is right, the man that loved her took her away from the men that told her she was theirs to do with as they wished, but that is not all, the woman is the offspring of the very people that told me that I would never be permitted to love her because that would be the sin that it was called then because the truth is that I was the man that had come to the Edinburgh capital as the one that wanted to reform the world to keep the English invaders from killing the very fabric that was our lifeblood, the very lifeblood that is the lifeblood of the world today, the women that want the world to make love, not war, because the woman that is my wife is the woman that I wanted to marry in Scotland but was not permitted to because the fear was that we would make the children that would overthrow their reign over the Scottish people forever. Look out.

Her mother was born White Hall, Maryland Powhatan

Her mother was born Petersburg, New Jersey Lenni Lenape, Wolf, Digging

Her father was born Toms River, New Jersey Lenni Lenape, Wolf, Vermillion

His father was born Vineland, New Jersey Powhatan

His mother was born Atlantic City, New Jersey Lenni Lenape, Wolf, Vermillion

Her mother was born Toms River, New Jersey Lenni Lenape, Wolf, Digging

Her mother was born Chota, Cherokee Village, Tennessee Cherokee Wolf clan

Her father was born Carrickaholan, Donegal, Ireland but was the product of the Revolution that sent the men from the Irish seaboard to the Eastern seaboard to be the cannon fodder of the revolution that promised to end the tyranny of the British forever, but that man that is telling you his story is not the man to tell you what you want to hear, that he was unhappy with the results of the revolution, the revolution gave him the opportunity to own land that he never would have had opportunity to own in the country of his birth, the Emerald Isle known today as Ireland.

The man that left Ireland voluntarily to be the man that fought the revolution is the one that is also the member of the Brannen clan that went to the wiregrass lands of the Choctaw after the revolution, the man called Thomas Brannen, the 3rd cousin to the man called Thomas Alexander Brannen, the father of William Brannen the man the family considers the progenitor of the Brannen family in the Bulloch County area of South Georgia.

But that does not mean I am saying William is not the progenitor of the family that Katherine considers hers, but he is the one that the family has identified as the Revolutionary War hero, the one that was given the choice to serve or to be shot, that is right, the one that would have much rather have stayed in the Cherokee hills but was given the opportunity to lose the warrant that hung over his head for leaving the servant contract that indentured him to the men that wanted to use him as their sex slave and have the same opportunity to own land that he would never have had a chance to own in the country of his homeland, the Irish country of Donegal.

The man that left the Donegal coast to be the one that kills for the man is the man that told the men in the powerful position of the Counsel of Elders that the Cherokee are the greatest people the world has ever produced, but that did not change the outcome the people of the family felt when the people they fought alongside during the war made them leave the homelands of their ancestors to live with the Choctaw because the Cherokee people were the ones that wanted to keep the land free, instead of parceling it into homesteads, the homesteads that today threaten to annihilate the population of the entire continent.

His father was born Carrickart, Donegal, Ireland

His father was born Carrickart, Donegal, Ireland

His father was born Portnahaven, Isle of Islay, Scotland

His father was born Bunnahabhain, Isle of Islay, Scotland

His father was born Kintraw, Lochgilphead, Scotland

His father was born Kintraw, Lochgilphead, Scotland

His father was born Moss, Norway

His father was born Alnarp, Sweden

His father was born Karlskrona, Sweden

His mother was born Cairndow, Scotland

His mother was born Carrigart, Donegal, Ireland

Her mother was born Charleston, North Carolina Cherokee Wolf Clan

Her father was born Gatlinburg, Tennessee (was hard to even type that. actually south of Gatlinhell) Cherokee Blue Holly Clan

Her mother was born Tanasi, Cherokee Town, Tennessee Wolf Clan

Stay tuned! I will be filling out this part.