Update December 20, 2023: The WE wants all the "people of color" to recognize that stereotypes are not well to healing "racism". In fact the opposite is the result: the "white" beings are shafted by the "Beings That Love To Be Importanter" when they are too the same old same old junked to the needs assholes that profit by being the colored beings now that is the truth that the so-called coat of many colors is the wardrobe that the Lord Christ Almighty wears to show that the Father God too wants the children to stop judging themselves and their neighbors by racial establishment art wants that to end too! The WE is the author that Dr. Roberts' need to identify the Bostonian mayor as the hypocrite as well as the standardized returning to the water to the Indians too were the "red" that turned to the bottoms that turns to the world where the energies that want the kids to be returning to being women and men and children that learn to respect the realities that the racial need to research too the DNA isn't the way to identify "race" that is this: the WE wants all those that respect the Helter Skelter's, meaning the way to want to be there to return to the upper classes posturing for themselves as the hate-filled beings that find that seconds to the Maya too there to show that the water to resuscitation thinks that the water to the WE's need to shower too the world to the ways that the "white" to the WE is the way to the wampum, that too thinks that the wasted world is the world where the inside that thinks "I am white or black or Negro or colored or Asian or" westerned to the news that the West Coast of Atlanta Hilton too wants the water to return to the world where the children asked to show to the door the working woman are there to show to her too the stereotypes are there to return to the need to research the water that too thinks the Cherokee then were the river keepers!

Paul Craig Roberts' Biological Ancestors: So says the WE, the Ancestors of All Humans now and to come. So be kind y'all. And learn to love the WE!

This is a work in progress. Too much for just one day's work. More to follow. Begin now to work that out, the WE needs to be supported too PBS!

Ireland - The WE wants the world to hear that Dr. Roberts' father was a man that wasn't just Irish in descent but the man that thought the English were the ancestors big time. And the truth that the English schoolbooks too teach to the mothering that the water to the Indians removed was the way to Irish to the English the legacies to the Scots too the way to the knowing, the Roberts' family is Irish to the WE!

Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland - The WE wants the world to understand that Dublin, Ireland is the home to the majority that are the absolute truthfulness that the majority that is the majority that is too the Irish world are those that want to help me to participate again in caring about the world. And the ignored feeling, that my work is pointless since not the third fourth or fifth human makes the effort, much less the first nations, too think that the WE is there to regard the whole time I work as the angress, the working working working for the need to show off that asking for the support ruptures to the need to knowing that the Dublin world wants my world to show to them...Help me shine y'all!

Kippure, Co. Wicklow, Ireland - The WE wants the world to begin to hear that Ireland too was abused so bad that the characters are the many that want to return to Scottish ways: the way that is horror. And the way to the Bravedfarts that are there is this: allow my man Sam Heughan to begin to have to want to Aidan Turner to the wanting to rework the suddenly the WE is allowed to thrive! Allow the world to hear the way to Sharon Tate's world better allowed without the pornographic need to showing that the 1960s was the "revolution" to permit the boobs allowed on the screens. Not a big deal now. And that is the way to really playing the heart to the parts that show that the Kitty that Licks too wants to show that the breast tissues are to never be amputated!!! Never! And the boob jobs that say, "sex is the bouncing boobies and babies get the shittiest of diets", say too that I am there to return to that way again: this is the time to recover too the WE to the seconds to the mentioning that Kitty Licks will be there when the time is real to make the efforts to know that helping her out is the key to unleashing her faux pas.

The Dowery, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Ballysmuttan, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Kilbride, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Shankill, Co. Wicklow, Ireland - The WE wants the world to comprehend too that allowing the world to begin to hear that the Irish servants return to their world where the "race" question wasn't about the world but about the politics that say to the world: the Africanized Irish Indian slaves were the whole show. The world sold too the Europeans that took to being the bastards that show that the kids that say to the "bloodlines" that they are superior, they are too the many times over the fathers to the "shipped to the colonies" to be too the Africized servants called the enslaved. And that is the way to PLEASE STOP FIGHTING ABOUT "RACE". This is real. All the Americans that are there now are too mixed to the messing up too that the fights that say one race incarcerated another because the colors are the skins that remember to the world that Mr. Bob Marley too was part Irish, English, Scottish, African, and oh yeah, Caribbean!

Glencullen, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Kiltiernan, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Booterstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Loughlinstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Sallynoggin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Kill of the Grange, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Cabinteely, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Brenanstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Many, many more Irish worlds to explore here. Get the darn thing happenin' y'all. Support me too!

Germany - The WE wants the Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to reexamine the need to the "white" classification. The allowed to be part European is. But the "white" designation isn't the way to returning to the love-making that redeems the world to the reality that the Beethoven that too respects Dr. Roberts' world view that he is the man that tries to walk the real truth that the loving the truth is the truth that the truth is, get this man, sit down, spare nothing to the soul's needs, Beethoven himself, the concerto writer, too is the cousin to Dr. Paul Craig "PCR" Roberts, PhD. That is that!

Frankfurt, Germany - The world wants the whole times 10 to be that the many, many, many and too the millionaires want to finance this: the many Irish and American Indian, meaning the Native American "Indigenous" beings and too the German lived together, as families. And the world hears that the regular way to showing that the dollars are there is asking Mr. Sam Heughan to concentrate more on the stories and fewer fighting and sex scenes.

Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Germany

Heddernheim, Frankfurt am Main Nord-West, Germany

Bad Soden, Main-Taunus-Kreis, Hessen, Germany

Hausen-Arnsbach, Neu-Anspach, Hochtaunuskreis in Hesse, Germany

Schmitten, Hochtaunuskreis in Hessen, Germany

Grävenwiesbach, Hochtaunuskreis in Hesse, Germany

Lützendorf, Weilmünster, Limburg-Weilburg district in Hesse, Germany

Gräveneck, Weinbach, Limburg-Weilburg district in Hesse, Germany

Gaudernbach, Weilburg, Limburg-Weilburg district in Hesse district in Hesse, Germany

Friedrichsdorf, Hochtaunuskreis, in Hesse, Germany

Rosbach vor der Höhe, the district of Wetteraukreis, in Hesse, Germany - The WE wants the world to comprehend that the American Indians were the beings that loved to welcome the Europeans that wanted to learn the ways that say, "I am your friend." And that is the way to say to me, I am that to the world. And I want to share this "gift" with all those interested. And that is the way to gifting too that to the ways that say that the higher sensing that is the real intelligence is there to possess by the thousands and thousands and that is the way to showering to the world that the usury that is the way to stealing the entire country to now owned by Vanguard and Blackrock and their cronies is the way to repealing too the friending to the "race theories" that share only the stuck to the nines fucked up ways to categorizing the beings to the fight. Say hello to the way to the knowing that Israel, Egypt, now Israel, Palestine or that is Israel vs. Palestine. And India vs. Pakistan. And Irish Catholic vs. Orangemen Protestants. And White Americans vs. Black Americans. And the WE wants the Berliners to remember the wall wasn't that grand. And the wall to the Mexican world is baaaaaaaad! And that is the way to remembering the CIA and Operation Mockingbird where too the boys called Mikey Adams' brothers-in-arms want me to stop talking about that. But that ain't happening my CIA man Adams!

Bad Homburg, Hochtaunuskreis, Hesse, Germany

Usingen, Hochtaunuskreis in Hessen, Germany

Koblenz, Germany

Schupbach, Beselich, Limburg-Weilburg district in Hesse

Hachenburg, Westerwaldkreis, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Busenhausen, Altenkirchen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Buchholz, Neuwied, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Bonn, Germany

Cologne, Germany

Many, many more homes in Germany, thousands of generations!

France - Dr. Roberts' family is French too, so says the dollars and too the money to the supportiveness that the being "white" isn't real. But being a man of many different European ancestors is. And the way to mothering that to the mother's line is. And this is the fact: White ways are the way to the Whitest Whites that White to the Snows that say that the snowing for the breading too wants Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.'s family to oversect Dr. Roberts' family line here. Not slavery. Just family!

Paris, France

Bois de Boulogne

The Basilica of Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre - The WE wants Dr. Roberts to know that he is descended from the architects that built this basilica.

Palais Garnier - Near respected opera house now standing, then not, when the ancestors allowed Dr. Roberts and Dr. Gates common ancestors to immigrate to the breaking news, that is the real deal, they were shipped to Ireland and transported as the servants that stayed that, servants, and then too the thought, the slaves too interbred then. So go miscegenation, then and now y'all of the WE Are One Family!

Near present day 15P Rue de Laghouat building, 75018, - The WE wants the world to recognize that the whole time the working woman hears the opposite, that the whole world wants to destroy the WE, never wants to support her working world, the Irish world hears the opposite, that I need support y'all. So be there as anything. Something. Nothingness is harming my spirit.

Near present day MAMA KOSSA African Restaurant. - The WE wants Dr. Roberts to support the WE's way to staying the Helter Skelter wanters to the truth that selling then too the mentioning the men and women then took to the servitude that sells the children to the ways that the potlucks that say that the erasing the stereotypes hears: Irish sold to the way that the settlers too hear: this mixed Irish-French man was told to be with the way to straightening out the stories that he was arrested and incarcerated to the world where the servants too make the slaves lighter skinned, meaning the women too like to mean to be returned to the world where the man's lineage too was the Romani Gypsy meaning part Irish, part Russian, part Irish again with the Swedes the story too that the Irish and the Scandinavian are too the family big time. So be that, the man of the many, many, many unique storied beings that flush to the wanting to return to the need to return to the incarceration that was false charges then. And then the transportation to the Virginia world where the suddenly the malaria means see ya later.

Near The CENTQUATRE-PARIS, the present day renovation that too wasn't the factory even then, but the farms then were too the grapes are really big time there then. And the way to Dr. Roberts' need to want to be wined to the wine makers in the family wins.

Near present day Mairie des Lilas, the city hall that is too the returning to the Gates' family too. The WE wants the servants that too are the artisans to recognize capitalism then was servitude, just as today the proletariats watch the world turn to allowed to co-mingle, meaning the families then where recognized by the names, not the colors. And the colorful need to renegotiating too servitude to allowed to be freer, the family here is Africanized, meaning the darker complexions and the kinky, curly hair that too means Dr. Roberts' family too possesses that as the legacy. So stop the "white" vs. "African American" shit and be the family that wuvs instead.

Le Plessis-Robinson - The community then were many alike, meaning they were French and they ate fish. And they drank wine. And they played all the while as the men and women that stayed that way until the world went to the ways that make the fish sticks for sale. That means the children that took to the ways that the Baltic needs that are too the world where the Saxons make their final display, that is the way to remembering that Germans and English soldiers told to need more hands took to thinking that reaping the spoils was the way to returning to the ways then, hire the professionals to fake the soldiering but to think that English messengers hear that Williams the Conquer are too this family line. So be the man that re-issues to the family too the royalty that says, this is the time to resort the French to the Saxons again. And the Saxony that wants to return to the watering too the Germanic need to English beginning to Irish to the settlers too knowing that the WE wants the world to compromise and fight for the realities that the Germanic need to IRS too the world to dead already wins the reason to regard Aaron Russo's family too the way to this world view: same ol' games: selling out the kids to the debts wins the land granted to the family to farm turns to the Saxons that stay for the settling too the questions why the seconds turn to the hours when the need to another ground finds that Jackson Pollack too was this family! Russo was Germanic and Jewish but too the man's Irish roots are. So be freer y'all of the "chosen" variety, and find that the "ancient blood lines" are so abrogated to mixed blooded to the news that bastards are the mainstay of bored women too rich to buy off on the legacy that dowries allowed to mention that buying off that "daddy" too profits when...Fuck the fathers that buy the daughters off too buy insisting the real man that is too the Jackson finds that Andrew Jackson's fathering is here. More on this line when the time happens that I am allowed to feel the worthiness that the women allowed to be shared and loved and supported and recognized for the profits are real when the seconds turn to the dollars and then to the ways to the need to another film than the WE suggests to Dr. Roberts that Mr. Stone, meaning Sean's real thoughtful need to Oliver's line here is.

10th arrondissement - The WE thinks that allowing the time to reconsider too the dollars never allowed to the working woman as either the donation or the stomach medicine that wins a dollar for the time used to create a world where the many stories are available to mention that television needs helping hands. WE want to Hollywood to the news that cancers caused by the covid-19 jabs are to remain the mainstay until the world concentrates another way to the Sorbonne too the home to the junk science turned to mentioning that Louis Pasteur wasn't the only fraud functioning as the DARPA pigs today: grant money to prove bullshit to be "science". And that wins why the funding that results to the studies that return to the rejecting all other realities but the shit, that is why the monetary world collapses this week.

Near present Laumière subway station - The WE wants the water to the realignment that the women and men told to begin again as Americans were then shipped to the ports where the fathers and daughters too think that the station now there was reused to show to the world that the pegging the dollars to the Chinese yuan was the way to retort to the truth that the better off without the residual news that buying the United States was that, that the treasuries told to begin again as California's grape fields finds that feeling the realities that the Chinese yuan replaces the dollar as the currency that means global reserve for the time to bury too the hatchets to the thought that the "white" and "black" and "Chinese Americans" or "Asian Americans" and too the LGBTwhateverbinarytotheways to now I am there to return to this: stop the Federal Reserve's ability to finance the Chinese too. And end that legacy. And then the pentagon transformtion to another way than endless fighting means race begins to be a celebration of the love and legacy that thinks that slavery is too the way to today's Affordable Care Act's need to return to the IRS and banking and the medical need to vaccinate to the Morgellon's "diseases" that win ICD-10 designation to "prove" to the world that fictional ailments are real when the ICD defines them as that. And the seconds to the world where the Vedic Science is rewarded as superior, well that wins the Asian Renewal where the Brahma too hears: Go Chinese Medicine! Tradition to traditional, the WE wants all those that refasioned "Christianity" to conservative American values getting to the guns first, then the property values, then the reality that supporting Israel wins the real deal that conservative Judaism is there to return to Israel the target that will be nuked when the world hears that Netanyahu too wants that! And that shows the Ayatollah Khomeini the stooge's stooge then too. And the Rothsbergers that burg to the berging that the indebted make decisions that mean that supporting the way to usury that the Rothschildren support to show allegience to the ways that the spoiled really really really spoiled and really really really stupid means and characters that want to reward the shower to the news that supporting the way to Ayatollah Khomeini too the Zionist thinks that Mrs. Flea's family thinks that.

Champigny-sur-Marne, Île-de-France, France - The WE wants all those that seek to know that the dollars are to return to the ways and means that usury was intended to create, the situation where the children born this hour are to be sought about to want to want to need to recognize that the whole time the "white" world fights for the race legacy that says, "I am the stereotype", the world hears that the suddenly the whole generation wants to regard this the time to remember that reading the Bible isn't the only way to returning to misogyny. And the missing the linking that the whole world where the artistry and music and architecture and beauty that thinks too the fountains mean that the Paris world is amazing! And the areas so returning to significance to the world will be those: the arts! Art wants to regard this time the transition to the world where art was the way to the respected artists that were then returning to the world where the servants are too the sold to the Negroes to be the African artists now, that is the way to responding to the world where the "Negro" isn't allowed the needful world, that is the way to silencing all commandments to be gentle and loving and to reward again the seconds to the Van Gogh too there now, to the family too the returning to the Danish there, that is the next rounded rounded rounded to the Dutch to the need to this: all the forces are there to regard this the time to return to the world where all the "races" return to the need to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s need to recover too the opposite that is gerrymandering the systems that means affirmative action was the way to returning to the man's death the way to resort too the women to wanting to regard this: be the selves. And be too the artists that work the ways that say "I am working my best." And that wins the way to returning to deracination. There is only one race: the human race! And the animals too are that, the humans of the animal variety. So be kinder to the thoughts that the karmic need to resort the Earthly people to the way to thinning the surplus population of humans is on! And that wins why the so-called "useless eaters" are the women and men that teach too their children to be just that. So try harder y'all of the BLM and other groups that select the kids by the useless arrangements that means, arrange the musical notes not the kids to categories useless to anything but the piggies that want to infight us to never allowed to be free.

Denmark - On the docket.

Norway - On the docket.

Iceland - On the docket.

Scotland - On the docket.

England - On the docket.


Šimuni, Pag, Croatia - The WE want all those that want to bomb the hell out of the world to remember that humans are real and that the children birthed with the depleted uranium are harmed big time. And the Bosnia and Herzegovina bombed with that horrible messy stuff that wants to be cleansed out, that is the fracking there to remember that too the ground water is polluted by the water realities that righting the right to remember that water too wants to be the inside and the outer sides that sell too the realities that as above, so below, that too wants to remember that the desire to pollute too the children to never breeding are the desires that are too the Mother Earth Herself saying to the world, "This is the time to remember that Her world is real. And the Children that think that the Mother Earth sustains the WE, they are real. And the WE that thinks that the grounds that too grow the children to never breeding, that is real. And the way to syringes taking the kids because the parents just won't hear anything but the overseers, that too is the way to Biden to the news that Gavin Newsom won't win anything, but the way to that guy already selected to succeed the already mentally ill man called Joe Biden's followers are to remember that the way to the fake Biden's is the way to murdering the real doctor-aholics and replacing the world with the real medicine that is the herbs are the food, circa the 1980s the WE wants the Highlel world to remember that I am there to relearn to the millionaires' sons that the way to regarding the outside the inside too thinks that pollution that wants to recover the grounding that the entire time the babies that scream, "limited resources. I want steaks", the world hears too that the whole time the world wants to recover the whole way to remembering that the animals are humans too, that is this: believe that God Almighty is in charge. And watch the meat industry revitalized to another way than every meal.

Peruški, Istria, Croatia

Želiski, Istria, Croatia

Vrčići, Pag, Croatia

Šarić Draga, Lukovo Šugarje, Croatia

Stara Vas, Pag, Croatia

Košljun, Pag, Croatia

Povljana, Pag, Croatia

Grbe, Croatia

Petrčane, Croatia

The truth is that the man's family too was Italian, meaning the across the water to the Italian lands and too the Greek world where History Was Conceived as the way to returning to the period that too won't end without the getting to the women's medicine ending too the hysterectomies that are too the way to target the Veterinary sciences to a better way. More ancestors because time renews. And the times and times and half times are to renew again too the way to Dr. Roberts' mind expanding to the "race theories" all shit!

Netherlands - On the docket.

St. Lucia - Arawak Indians. This will be enhanced to involve much more.

Puerto Rico - Taíno Indians. The so-called "Indians" too want that to be more important than this: Not all the ancestors were that, but they are there, include the Spanish too. And too the Africans. And too the other Guatemalans and Mexicans and Nicaraguans and on and on and...

Savannah, Georgia - Guale Indians. But that is not all. And the other tribes mentioned to me that this is the time to receive the guidance that I need to resort too the tribal affiliations to this: bogus usually. And that thinks that the method to the Cherokee too here is. And that was too the Creek Indians and too the water to the Irish rebellions of the Caribbeans that wants too that to return to a way to resort too the world to so much different than the textbooks sold to the world sell to the children too the realities that two subjects that will be there is the genders are real, two genders, and the subjecting too the subjects to the brothels will be the way to return to breeding too the slave stocks using too the Africanized skinned individuals to both brand them via the way to the subjects that are too the ways that say, expensive, worth more, and then the dark complexions are there to return to the sunstroke too the way to returning to the whitening the white kids to the reddening too the legacies that the Africans were used to being sold off. And the Irish were the Gypsies usually, not workaholics, and the women that were too the women that were the so-called "indigenous" too worked the land as they did before, but now as the servants used to the deathing them to the need to returning to the mothers too there to be too the Irish used to the bones since they were "indentured" for the spell, thinking they too were recyclable thanks to the ways that are the monarchy's need to recoup the Magna Carta again to the thoughts that the penal colonies of the Australian world too saw too many Irish to think that the Irish world and the Australian world are not the same thing; only the beings told to be Ireland's kid brothers in the brothels of the London exchanges wins the many aristocratic bastards sold to the slave trades too!

Statesboro, Georgia - Yamasee Indians. Ask that to be the way to regarding the Creek culture them too. And the way to Dr. Roberts' father part Creek is the truth to the landing to the going to the settlers too loving the women as wives. And that wins how too the many, many, many and many more women of the White And Black And Red world blended to mentioning that the so-called fights that say battles are the legacy that are too the fictional means to mean to mean to return to the writing too the righting that the WE wants Katherine allowed to serve the papers to Hollywood. Need better writers y'all. I am here.

Augusta, Georgia - Creek Indians. Right-o. Big stories here too. Big stories that spell Dr. Roberts has more American Indian ancestors than he ever thought possible. And that wins why I am writing to re-inform the world that I want to be supported. I need friends that try to listen. I need supportive friends that care that I am writing for the God Above to return to the Christian world where The Acts works to rephrase to all that sharing the land is sacred. And the women there then did that. And Dr. Roberts' world is funded. Why not mine?

Columbia, South Carolina - Tutelo Indians - The WE wants to return to the ways that the Cherokee lands are too the Tutelo and too the women working to share too the children to sharing too themselves as allowed to be served the realities that the shortages imagined are not there. The way to returning to returning to the lasting ways, the permacultural ways returned, that thinks too the indigenous world will need to resort themselves to returning to that too: the land. And the land now is wasted. And the farms that are real are. But the way to returning to growing at home must be. And the way to returning to sharing the municipal lands, that is the way to returning to the ways where the children are turned to agriculturally literate again. And the many Asian families that are too that now, the people used to loving the land and working the plants and animals to weller too, they are to relearn to love too the Armageddon there to return to the ways that suggesting to all that sharing the world where the animals that are too uncooped, the wild animals, are allowed to join the fires. And that needs to be there. And the world where the Animals Matter Too thinks that I need supportive women and men that want to wuv the thought that too the cooped animals that are this hour's meat snacks want too the privileges of subsisting at least an hour without hell forever!!! END CAFO OPERATIONS!!!!!!!

Lumberton, North Carolina - Secotan Indians - The way to regarding this the time to return to the world where the now wins the many hours sitting at the computer typing to the time to return to the operations outdoors, meaning the firewood delivered at noon must be stacked, that is the way to returning to my need to another world where a nice being that wuvs to work too wants to return to my friends allowed to think that English Ivy Pulling too wins the way to Zen to the need to superior women there to return to the wasted land that "land management" made following the bullshit show called "eminent domain" that was too the so-called New Deal that too thinks that Duke Energy Progress too wants to smart meter to the so-called "smart dust" that is the DARPA fantasies replaying to the tune that cherished beliefs thinks that Dr. Ana's need to prostitute for the Germans that want to take Dr. Reiner Fuellmich to the cleaners, that is the way to returning to the Germans too there to return to the apostrophes that the WE wants all men and women that hear the Germans and the Indians were close, big time, wins the way to German to the German Indians too the way to Katherine's family's family that was both Cherokee and German, big time!

Regions just west of Bath, North Carolina - Tuscarora Indians big time!

Guantanamo, Cuba toward San Carlos and up to city of Baracoa, Cuba - Taíno Indians. And too the Spanish and too the many others of the Caribbeans and too the Gulf of Mexican regions and too the way to the Creek Indians and too the universal name Seminole, that is this: all the way home Dr. Roberts' ways are part Indian and Mexican and wait, this is the big hint that he too thinks this: Spanish!

The Bahamas - Arawak Indians - Ask the WE to write to the world that the Bahamas were the home to the many, many, many sailors that went about the world to sail the world and see the sites and too the sighting says that they are too the "blue eyed" baby makers. Go Harry Belafonte! You are Dr. Roberts' cousin!

Atlanta, Georgia - Cherokee Indians. The WE wants the world returning to the news that Atlanta Metro was Cherokee to the max before the ending of the "revolution" that was the way to return to the Mountain that was too the Stoned by the news that the Oliver Stone's family thinks that asking to be served the articles that Stone Mountain too was visited by the Sean's need to return to the world where the researching too the WE's wanting to return to Oliver Oskey's father figuring, that the fathers that want to return to my man in the Keys, the man that took All Keys Gas to the hellbound world where the money formed the union to return to the news the Ernie Oskey's remains were created out to the thought, the father too wanted to return to the IRS that says that the credit cards too there returns to the lands where inheritance wins the wives fighting about the returning to the All Key's world where I was a working working working artist then too, that is the way to refreshening to the world the silencing the heated heart to hurting was the sold land to the construction that isn't there yet, but the fruit grown with the ORMUS and too the Maynard Murray wants to speak again about Ormusing-up the WE's SEA-90 to this: I needed love then too!. And I want to return to Sean Stone's need to returning to the White Buffaloes there to return to selling out to the big cheeses that sell too the dollars to needed to surface too the agreements that lands are sacred to the WE. So be finer y'all and love me now. Ernie wasn't the only man thought to "commit suicide" when the fucking truth is the hired vigilantes are nearer to the careers than the Mexican Mafioso that work for the payments that still life too the Cubans there to return to the wifing that was Ingrid Pastorius, too thought to "love" the bassist, then told to impregnate herself via Joni's world, and then sold out the man Jaco big time. And that is the way to returning to the Irish legacies that sell to the world the still lives that I am ready to WEed the riot acts to the women that sell to the world the stuffings that "suicide" is there when the murders are the real deal.

Atlanta, Georgia too wants to return to the stories that say that the Indians allowed to be there where Piedmont Park is now are still there. And they are there to return to Midtown wanting to resort too me to allowed to renegotiate the "gay" community to that: happier than the still lives that return to the munchkinating the whole clansmen to the way to returning to Dr. King's world ready to return to the Atlanta Regional Airport the way to Jackson to the news that Maynard's friend Julian Bond too the cousin to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts! Hosea that in the pipe and smoke the peace that Mr. Williams too thinks that love wins the sexual need to another way than bombing the crap out of children. So stop the fighting y'all of the Israel-wins-never world view that I want Hosea Williams to bow to the WE's need to remember: Jobs!

Mr. Williams wants the Atlanta area resumed to the Africanized Cherokee. So be that y'all!

Washington DC - Unami Indians. Bigger stories here. Real big. Real big. Many stories. Mr. Dollars Are Welcomed to me being used to remember that television needs better stories. So be the big kids that remember that funding me to employed is a nice thought. Washington DC was used to show that the American Indian legacies are real. And the stories too are many. And the wanting to research this too is Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., the man about to contact the WE, really big y'all. PBS wants this. Big Time Y'all: PBS!

Newfoundland and Labrador south to New Haven, Connecticut - Pennacock Indians mixed with the Swedes. Scandinavians are the travelers that went everywhere. So blond to the news that the concerts sold cashed soon will involve Larry Mullen, Jr.'s father figurine, the man called "daddy" too to the WE: Dr. Paul Greg of the Netherlands, now that is the way to regarding the WE ready to reinvolve the Mullen, Jr.'s legacy as the man that wants to regard too the WE the way to returning again to spell to the world that the millionaires are ready to reword my world to allowed to be funded. Go Norway! Go Vikings! Go the reversal that is the English narratives that return to the Saxony the way to returning to the world where England and lies are lied to the world to the Germanic need that emptying too the Germans to the Americans was then and again and then again, the Vikings are AWESOME!

Quaqtaq, Quebec, Canada - Anishinaabeg beings that are all the way to Mexico, that is the way to territorial needs not that to the "Indians" that were the beings that love the American lands so much they never breathed again but will when the next games are there to retrieve to all that the so-called "white" world isn't the only world to revamp to the dollars are to return to the need to another way than selling everybody down to the southern borders that were never there to the so-called elite's fashionably world viewed ways to this: eat the dollars y'all now that the whole time the WE advises to the "white" and the "black" and the "Indians" that colors are all the way to Africans now my man...

Casablanca, Morocco - The WE wants the men that think white people are that and the rest of the world isn't that when they are so-called Africans, that is the way to returning to the American need to political correctness and the way to stereotyping all to the so-called colored categories that spell an asshole runs the show to the way to restir the potting that the men that flavor the needs to the laboring the children to never believed again as helping the world hear that the Jews too are not the sterilized beings, that means that the flat Earthers too read the lips that the WE wants all racial stereotypes shot to the death that is the way to returning to the emancipation proclamation the way to returning to the waste that the whole time the so-called "Lincoln, the man that freed the slaves" says to the world that the demarcation that the whole story shows that too the man's image is that, the emancipationist, the truth is the man's energy isn't that. And the man Abraham Lincoln never wrote the Gettysburg address nor, think that y'all, was the man in Gettysburg ever!

Western Sahara - This is the home to the many millionaires then, during the times when the kids sold too their kin to the slaves-are-real-to-the-world-as-commodities that is the way to return to the way to showing that the children learning to leave American bullshit to the ways that the so-called "elite" to say that the nothingness is the way to this: show to the world the status that the big important cheeses that sell the truth that the whole time the so-called "elite" want to characterize the children the stereotypes, the WE advises the mathematicians to step in and explain 2 factorial divided by world population. Family is many fewer generations together than that too since the probability that daddy was another man than allowed is really really really tight.

Gourma-Rharous, Mali - This is the time to remember that the slaves too bred with the lighter skinned types to reproduce too the colors that are too the different skin tones in the both "white" communities and too the "African American" communities. Yes Dr. Roberts, your ancestors include slaves too!!!

Freetown, Sierra Leone north to Conakry, Guinea - This thinks that the water to the Guinea pigs there to return to them the way to showing that stirring to the need to another way than infighting about the colors that are today present, this is the time to remember that the Africans sold that afternoon to the Americans that were to be that, the colonialists then, that is the time to refresh to all that the colored too then were "whitened" by the news: many Africans sold Europeans too! And the certain way to the lighter skinned man was the target this time is that: Irish this time too!!!!! Oh. And another person from this locale that traveled slaved ways to the certain reprisal of the "people of color", the mate then was, that's real, the mate then, a woman that made the baby that made the baby that made the baby that eventually made Dr. Robert's father, that woman was...get ready to hear...Irish!

Воркута, Komi Republic, Russia - This too waits to shower to the world that the Russian army too then was fighting the western offenders to show that the big important German men and women that think that lies are the way to resoup the ways to the desires that the whole time the "white" world is the Aryan to the ways that the whole shower too says that Roberts wants to be part Russia is...YES!

Bangkok, Thailand - The being that was the man that left that area to travel with the so-called Romanis was the man that traveled to the world where the Irish too want to resupport this causing the WE to know to all that I want to show to the world that loving the WE wants to love too the way to returning to all Heil Hitler ways, that racing to the races are the way to returning to the need to restore to the whole show the way to the mothering that too wants all children to think that wars are about learning to relocate the aristocracies to the bottoms, the bottom where the kids hear that the man's ancestor that flew alongside too the Swedes to the ways that the Norwegians too that traveled to the ways to the Eastern Worlds thinks that the big cheese that knew too Lithonia, Georgia was there, that man called Carroll O'Connor too comes from this branch of the family My Man Roberts!

Kapit, Sarawak, Malaysia - This too was a woman that traveled alongside the parents alongside the so-called Romanis to the Irish peninsula that is too the Emerald Isle. And that is the way to Irish to the news that the many transported Gypsies that were too rounded up as vermin and sold to the slave traders were the descendents that too are the authors that Katherine Brannen's family is this.

Taymyrsky Dolgano-Nenetsky District, Krasnoyarsk Kra, Russia - The Romanis too thought Russia the home to the millionaires that fly to the homes that are there to return to Irish worlds beginning to find that the whole time the world hears that the Gypsies are wronging the landscapes, the WE finds that the Cherokee too want that to end. And the way to returning to the father this time the man that too was there to return to Bono Vox and too The Edge there, that is the commonality that says that all women and men sold to the slaveaholics too shows that the simplification to the mythos that white=oppressor and Africanized=oppressed, that is incorrect, big time! And the truth is that Dr. Roberts' family's tree is very big time the white slaved beings. Now stop the fighting about race y'all and be kind to one another, and respect the contents of the characters, that means be honest. Race is not real. Honesty is!

Bride, Isle of Man - This is the home to the women that turned to the English monarchy to help them survive after the Scots that wanted to laird to themselves the owners turned to the guns to murder the civilians to think that the Gaza BS too thinks that murdering the children too wants to rethin to the ownership too the English monarchs that took too the women to the slave quarters and renegotiated that to the whites whites that white to the slaves are weller now: white women trafficked then too! Sexual urges are weller to the captives when the slavery wins cunnilingus too to the big women that get that from the wittle children too! And that is the way to the stirring too the monopolies to the need to the old hags wanting that first!

Limerick, Ireland - The WE wants the world to understand that the English crown's need to more space to space too the generations to the watering the ways to the wasted world where the need to another family is, that is the need to recovering the British ways to subterfuging too the beings to less than the other. That wins the way to redeeming the settlers to the "British" was the way to them, when the truth is the majority that became Americans were Irish!

And the stories are too numerous to not want them! So be the supportive folks that try!!!