Update 18 April, 2022: The man Richard Tarnas is the author of the working for the way to teaching you to hear that Raye Mathis was not there to watch the video so be without the pain that the not crediting the author Richard Tarnas for the inspiration to the prosing the revolution was to be there when the Pluto cycle reiterates to the working woman that love is too the right to reinterpret too the need to another there to "judge" too the competence to the nudes that the news is that you are to work for the right to astrology too the WE's way to teach to the Tarnas that you are available for the teaching too his ways to the knowing the Sidereal Zodiac Rocks!

Update 16 February, 2020: The Revolution Will Be Televised. Make No Mistake About That!

Revolutionary themes of 1776 replay as Pluto returns to the same place in the sky it was on July 4, 1776.

Uranus-Pluto square heightens the revolutionary sentiment.

Paramahansa Yogananda explains Jesus' words in John 14:5-7 and John 12:22-26.

Edgar Cayce's prophesy of America's future.

Sri Aurobindo lends his opinion of liberty vs. government.

Template for a reborn America for the new Pluto cycle.

The moment I posted the linked video, that supports this revolution video, Modern Tyranny - Official Lies vs the Truth, YouTube informed me it couldn't be monetized.

Published on Jul 7, 2016