Update December 22, 2023: The WE wants the working woman trying to find a curse to end the way to retiring the WE to the truth that the entire time the sorting through the ways to hearing that God wants here to be the home, that thinks that the WE is the author that the man Bin Laden too wasn't even at the hospital in Pakistan but was there too. And that is this: the WE thinks that allowing the body to return to wanting to leave permanently is the way to stalling the needs to another world where the inside of the need to another time recollects that the Gaza Stripped now is there to resort too the Larry Silverstein to the man that wants to return to the buying too the contract to the big insurance payout after the terrorist attack murdered too the many Americans that day of September 11, 2001: the day that my time as a human being turned to less than allowed when the mothering of the mothers that fucked babies to their beings made me the "conspiracy theorist" that "hates America".

The WE wants the world to return to another way than this. Allowing the slaughter and dislocation that is there today allows the women and men that think that is fine to be fined for the results. And the result that is loving God Almighty with the times 10,000 being that wants to return to the love that wins allowing the men and women that profit to be too Larry Silverstein's clans, that wins the way to returning to the world where the so-called "Christians" that soldier to allowing themselves to participate without the pleasure that God too thinks that loving to be brutal is the way to returning to the American continents turned to the ways that sink the torpedoes that want the world to realize that the real big world that is about to be bigger thinks that the water to the water to the world where the individuals that profit from lies, destruction and the euphemisms that say, "I didn't do that", says that the WE wants the world that thinks that the need to be without the shame to shunning the woman typing because the hiding the results finds that the WE is there now. The WE thinks that wuv is allowing the women and men too hard trodden to tow the line between not allowed to be safe and safety, to remember that shots that fire the world to another way than the guns and butter, that wins the way to returning to the cows there to return to the world where the pleasure to be alive is. And the pleasure that the now exists to be loving toward too the treasonous Donald Trump's and Joe Biden's and Barrack Obama's and of course George W. Bush wins the continent to be given again to the Indian types. That wins the colored beings all the way from white to black and all the colors that win the truth that "people of color" are the entire lot of living beings. Selecting the group to be divided by race is the way to regarding God a prostitute. But, then again, Mary Magdalene was that to the world that wuvs to make judgements.

The WE wants the world to know that Katherine's abilities are ripening at the pace that WE determined to be without the discernment that all those that entirely think that you are to work as the working working working to be finer to the self, that wins the time when the "shunning" that feels the way to the entire world not interested in talking to her about the WE's need to showing that the entire time the WE is the author that the entire time the entire times 10,000 turns to the loaves and fishes that say to the world that fighting about the results still results the resulting result that the violence that results when a liar is defeated too, that is the violence that waits to find that I am there now to be without the shame to another lifetime awaiting for me.

Update June 10, 2021: Osama Bin Laden was murdered in the American hospital in Pakistan the many hours after the 9-11-01 attacks on the World Trade Center and too the Pentagon telling to the woman the killing the men as if they are too the scapegoated to the years that follow for the decade too tells to the Seal Team 6 that you are too the 666 agents to tell to the killing you off too that the ha ha ha returns to the normal management that too the having the guns means the winner wins not the right to the spoils but the right to the telling to the teaching to the world to be without the wyse manner but with the wise one instead asking too the woman typing to forgive them but to comprehend the need to have the resentment against the woman "not caring about her" was too the way to having the way to not having to tell to the woman that was too characterized by the women post-mortem to the thought they all had children while the woman typing was left alone in the grief that was told to her by the heart energy to be what she had coming for not caring about the Erica Wyse Watkins trying to conceive when the Father asks too the woman to hear: you are the right to remove too the entire peice telling to the killing too the woman's ego was too the way to the giving to the other women too the right to the shallowness that wins too the right to remember the giving to the self too the right to remember again and again and again and again too the pain of the so-called "best friend" being too the woman that behind the back stabbed her repeatedly tells to the Watkins Tom the way to having too the right to the better relationship now without too the being the asked to the "boyfriend" is the way to hearing: you are the right that the Bin Laden was hunted by the very idea too the morons of the sold-to-the-public-bullshit-believers tells to the waking: I died when I read that I am the shill to her.

Update 16 February, 2020: Still you have to wonder why "the man" killed the YouTube account. You have to return when she has the funds to be the woman that mostly wants you to be the you's that give her the time of day instead of giving her the mentally ill crown that is yours all the way Mike Williams I fuck my own daughter to the max by giving her the reason that says you have to be alone and unsupported Katherine because you challenge my reality that tells me if I think 9-11 was the inside job I am challenging the woman called I failed out of Georgia Tech's Management Program but I feel I know more about physics than the physics majors that too know 9-11 must be the inside job or else the laws of physics would have maintained integrity even when Dick Cheney said otherwise to the 9-11 Commission not under oath in private. So be the man that realizes working for the Federal Government does not make you the higher authority because the government signs your paycheck you little tyke you Mike Williams the much inferior bass player and rhythm secionist to the beings called Flea and Chad Smith to the bank and back again Mission Hospital settlement on tap millionaire Katherine Brannen no longer the foulken asshole's owned bitch.

Paramahansa Yogananda's commentary on Matthew 18:1-4, the greatest in the kingdom of heaven is like a little child.

Yogananda explains the qualities one embraces to be childlike as Jesus describes.

Events related to the attacks of 9-11 are discussed with the question, are the players involved exhibiting the childlike qualities greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?

Published on Jun 23, 2016